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About Solar Power

As solar power is widely discussed and more frequently utilized in the present day, many people have questions about technical details, purchasing the PV panels, installation, and the benefits that comes when switching to solar.

Solar power is derived from the conversion of sunlight into electricity using photovoltaics (PV), a material that creates electric current when exposed to light. The photovoltaic power system is designed to produce energy through a delicate arrangement of components. The solar panels absorb and convert the sunlight into usable electricity, filtering it to the solar inverter that switches the current from Direct Current to Alternative Current (DC to AC) and stores it in the battery for future use.

Why go solar?


Save Money

Often times the initial solar power cost of installation seems to eclipse the benefits of a clean, renewable energy source and deters people from pursuing the switch. But what many people don’t realize is that installing solar panels for homes on your roof doesn’t just earn you a badge of environmentalism. It saves money and creates a passive income for the future. Figure out the cost of your monthly electricity bills, and depending on how many panels you plan to install, cut that number in half or even eliminate that responsibility from your budget entirely. Solar panels will immediately lower your electric billand shield you from fluctuating rates and the monotony of dealing with local utility companies. And let’s face it, no one enjoys paying those guys..

Capital_gainsEarn Money

While the idea of saving money on your electricity bill may already be enough to entice you to jump aboard the solar power bandwagon, many people forget the possibilities of actually profiting from the switch. Renewable energy incentives such as rebates, tax credits, and other various incentives are often offered through your state. If you find you are eligible for these incentives after solar panel installation, the local utility company may be required to pay YOU (through cash or credit) for energy produced and supplied by your panels. Which is pretty great.

control-houseIncrease Your Property Value

Increasing your property value is always a plus. Not only does solar power save you money and can create added income, purchasing solar panels can actually raise your property value. If you are considering a home remodel to sell in the future, the incentives and credits will help to ease the cost while the panels themselves retain its value, fetching approximately five percent more when your home is finally placed on the market. All aspects considered, solar panels are a remarkable investment for your future as well as the environment.

earth_318-60147Help Our Planet

By switching to residential solar energy you are helping the transition from an over-consumption of fossil fuels to a clean, renewable energy source that will neither deplete nor damage our water, soil, and air. Sustainable energy is the future of power and attainable in the present. To effectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions and begin to neutralize cataclysmic climate change, personal steps must first be taken by individuals such as yourself.


Solar Power Is The Future

solarplanttttIn 2014, more than half of all electrical installations in the United States were solar power.

The capacity for solar panel installation is literally breaking record numbers and will continue to grow and develop at an exponential rate in the near future and beyond. It isn’t just a residential move, either. Worldwide, major corporations are switching to solar panels and saving thousands of dollars on electricity each year, while simultaneously becoming green companies. The businesses making the switch are investing in the future of solar energy.
The installation price of solar panels has deflated by over 100x since 1977. Becoming more than affordable to the public, hundreds of thousands of individual homes and offices are now independently selecting solar power to “one up” utilities companies and simultaneously become a positive change for the environment.

Become a catalyst for change

With utility bills skyrocketing and current methods of energy depleting, the power produced by the sun could fuel our planet for an entire year in under one minute. This clean, available energy is steering the world toward solar power. To be on board is to become a part of the change that will determine our future.

While it is unlikely that we will see the end of fossils fuels and burnable coal in our lifetimes, the cause and effect are strongly being felt every day. The current rise of energy prices will only continue until we embrace a different source, and that source is solar power. By installing solar panels in your home or office, you are doing more than simply saving money on utility bills, you are partaking in the future change that the world has been expecting.

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