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Texas Homeowners Using New Program to Get Solar Installed at No Cost…

2021 Update: Congress Extends 26% Tax Credit. Programs available in: San Antonio, Houston, Austin, Brownsville, El Paso, Corpus Christi, Dallas and Lubbock.

Power companies are fighting an uphill battle they are sure to lose. The battle is against the rapidly increasing number of customers going Solar to escape their ever-rising electric bill. The word is starting to spread that Texas homeowners can take advantage of Local, State and Federal incentives to get a professionally installed Solar System with ZERO out of pocket! With zero down, Homeowners see the savings right away…and given the economic outlook in 2021, it couldn’t have come at a better time.

Until now, solar panels were less about saving money and more about environmental protection. In order to get more people to switch to clean solar energy the federal and state governments are highly incentivizing homeowners who live in specific zip codes to go solar with $1000’s of dollars in rebates and incentives that can cover 100% of the costs associated with a new solar panel installation.

How Does it Work?

The federal solar tax credit, also known as the investment tax credit (ITC), allows you to deduct 26 percent of the cost of installing a solar energy system from your federal taxes. The ITC applies to both residential and commercial systems, and there is no cap on its value.

Note: Homeowners must have the tax liability to utilize the credit, but a portion of the credit may be carried forward if not completely usable in the installation tax year.

Solar panels are much cheaper today than they were 10 years ago, which means millions of homeowners that could not previously afford to do so are switching to solar. Homeowners that qualify for this new program no longer have to pay upfront. They can now go solar with no money out of pocket, reduce their electric bill by an average of 50% and start saving right away.

When Texas Homeowners visit to see if they qualify, many are shocked to learn that solar panels can be installed on their home with no upfront costs after rebates and solar incentives. You can find out which solar incentives are offered in your area by using your zip code. You can even use this tool to help calculate your savings by entering your utility provider and your average power bill. In many cases, customers are saving up to 50% on the cost of powering their home each year.

How Do I Find Out if I Qualify?

It’s 100% free to see if you qualify, and takes about two short minutes.

Step 1: Click your state on the map to instantly check your eligibility for free

Step 2: Once you go through a few questions, you will find out if your area qualifies, and how much “going solar” can mean to your wallet!

EDITORS NOTE: You’re NOT under contract with your current electric provider, even if they say so. If you’ve already paid your current bill, you can very easily cancel and get the balance refunded.